Mumias Rationalization Project

H Young & Co (EA) Ltd was the single major contractor for the site works.
The highlight of this project was the fabrication and installation of the first and so far only Diffuser in Kenya.
The Diffuser although designed for 7,500 tonnes of cane per day currently operates at 9,120 TCD The company executed the following:

  • Earthworks, Civil Works (including all foundations – 13,000m3 of concrete) and 600 tonnes of structural steel works.
  • Supply and installation of 7,500 TCD Sugar Cane Diffuser. A joint venture with Fletcher Smith Ltd UK, and Tongatt Hewlett, RSA.
  • Design, supply and installation of 125 TPH Single Pass Baggasse fired Boiler under subcontract to John Thompson Ltd, RSA. (mass 750 tonnes).
  • Design, supply and installation of conveyors, structural steel works for the gantry, de watering mill house, cane knife and shredders.
  • Piping works including insulation and cladding.
  • Electro mechanical installation of sugar equipment.
  • Electrical works including instrumentatation.
  • Rehabilitation of Boilers 5 and 6 each 45 TPH.