South Nyanza Sugar Company (SONY) Interim Expansion Project

Various brown field projects that increased the capacity of the factory at SONY Sugar Company.
New Gantry and Cane Yard Repositioning
Phase I: Works comprised of design, excavation and execution of New Foundation for an extended Cane Yard, Floors etc. In addition H.Young was involved in the design, excavation and execution of new foundation of Hydra Un-loaders, M.C.C., A.C.C. and Feed Tables and retaining walls for Sugar Cane.
These works were successfully completed within 4 months time schedule.
Phase II: Works comprised of design, execution of 2 Cane Knife basses for installation of heavy duty reverse rotation knives. The salient point of this work was that a preparatory support structure was installed under the MCC prior to shutdown in order to enable civil works to start during factory operation. Over 300m³ of concrete were cast in 2 lifts only.
Phase III: Works comprised of installation of conveyors, Mud filters, weight batching systems, sugar bagging machinery, Rehabilitation of boilers, Supply and installation of juice heaters, supply and installation of short retention clarifier.