Olkaria II Geothermal Project

Construction of a 64mw (2 X 32) Geothermal Power Station.
The project was undertaken in two contracts.

i) OG101 – Building & Civil works
This was a joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation and H Young & Co (EA) Ltd for the civil and building works which included among other things, construction of a three storey high power house building, sitting on 1,200 no. piles, 24,000m2 of auxiliary buildings, Staff housing estate and a 560m2 hospital.

Electrical works undertaken under OG 101

H. Young were responsible for the complete design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Building services for the entire PowerStation project which also included 30 Intermediate and 4 No. Senior Staff Houses. The scope of works was as follows:

Major works executed comprised mainly of;

  • Internal normal and emergency lighting of Powerhouse and ancillary buildings
  • External Street lighting and Floodlighting of entire complex
  • Small Power Installation and Distribution Boards.
  • Fire Detection, Public Address, Telephone and Data communication systems
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection systems.
  • Plumbing and Drainage including external reticulation and water treatment plants.
  • Air-Conditioning and ventilation system including H2S Filtration for all the buildings in the PowerStation complex

ii) OG102 – Electro-Mechanical Installation works
This contract was undertaken simultaneously with the civil and building works. H Young worked as a subcontractor to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation Joint venture who were the main contractor and supplier of the generating turbines.

H Young was responsible to over 80% of the actual site work under this contract.

Electrical works undertaken under OG 102:
Major works executed comprised mainly of;

  • Installation 2 No. 40MVA 11/220kV Transformers, 2 No. 11/3.3 kV Auxiliary Transformers, 2 No. 11/0.415kV Station transformers. Including oil filtration
  • 11kV, 3.3kV and 415V Switchgear, M.C.C.’s, Instrumentation and Protection control panels, Station Battery Chargers and batteries.
  • Laying and termination of all cabling in PowerStation and well fields for all motors (HV and LV) and control and field instruments.
  • Cable ladder, cable tray and conducting.
  • PowerStation earthing grid.