Rehabilitation of Berths 7 – 10 at the Port of Mombasa

Undertaking detailed surveys and analysis to determine extend of damage to the berths, analysing optimum methods of repair, strengthening the berths to provide adequate capacity to resist effects applied to them by design loads, removal of prestressed concrete beams that might be adversely affected by the absorption of chlorides from the seas and replacing them with new prestressed concrete elements. Design and installation of new fender system to the berths.
Major works executed comprised mainly of:

  • Concrete pavement repairs – 18,549m2.
  • Prestressed concrete – 1,924m3.
  • Post tensioning tendons – 728 No (each 18.5m long)
  • Under deck repairs – 13,566m2 (depth upto 125mm thick using Emaco 588T).
  • Replacement of Fenders – 91 No.
  • Replacement of damaged reinforced concrete berth aprons.
  • Repair of reinforced concrete services ducts and their covers.
  • Removal of damaged berth furniture including steel safety ladders, mooring bollards, mooring rings and the removal of existing oil pipes.