Construction of Meru-Mikinduri-Maua Road

The Project road is 52 km long and covers three districts, namely North Imenti, Tigania and Igembe in Meru County and primarily involved construction of a new road to bitumen standard. The project road traversing through a terrain that is predominantly hilly in a rich agricultural hinterland which is heavily populated. The road crosses a swamp that was reclaimed.
Major works executed comprised mainly of;

  • Construction of Earthworks – 1,594,000 m3
  • Cement stabilized sub-base and base – 175,000 m3
  • Provision of a double surface dressing using 14/20mm and 6/10mm pre-coated class 4 chippings for both the carriageway and shoulder – 16,000 m3
  • Concrete Works for Drains – 2,085 m3
  • Construction of pipe culverts, bridges, box culverts and other drainage works
  • Protection works using stone pitching and gabions
  • Provision of road furniture including road marking and traffic signs