National Oil Fuel Truck Loading Facility

Works comprised of mechanical and electrical engineering works which included computerization and automation of the fuel loading system. Other works included supply and installation of fuel storage tanks, pipelines, installations of pumps, valves, fire fighting systems, loading systems, metering & pressure release systems, testing and commissioning.

H. Young were responsible for the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of the Electrical and Instrumentation works for the New Fuel Truck loading facility to handle diesel, kerosene and petrol.

Major works executed comprised mainly of;

  • 415V Motor Control Centre for all the fuel loading pumps and automated control valves and ancillary equipment
  • SCADA and PLC Equipment and Instrumentation for the complete automated control of pumps, valves, metering, temperature compensation and level control of the storage tanks both for loading and unloading
  • The entire installation was carried out in a Hazardous location Zone 21 and therefore was all equipment was to be flameproof, explosion proof and use of intrinsically safe devices