north mara expansion

North Mara Expansion Project

Mechanical, structural and Civil works various work packages. These included:
Project Scope Included works for the new Secondary Crushing plant, Conveyors, process plant, Ball mill and tailings:

Major works executed comprised mainly of;

  • Installation of new 11kV switchgear and 11kV cabling including terminations
  • Installation of 2 No. 1600kVA 11/0.415kV transformers
  • Installation of new M.C.C.’s consisting of approximately 100 starters and control cubicles
  • Cable ladder and tray throughout the new plant
  • Laying and termination of 11kV, 415V and Instrumentation cabling throughout the plant
  • Field instrumentation and control devices throughout the plant
  • Fibre optic laying and terminations for SCADA and DCS system
  • Installation of switchgear, liquid starters and control equipment for new ball mill
  • Earthing, Plant lighting and Small power