Sondu Miriu Hydro Electric Power Project

Construction of a 60MW (2 x 30MW) Power Station that involved a run-of-river scheme transferring the water of the Sondu River to Kano Plains through a headrace tunnel, penstock and power station to harness a water head of some 200 metres.
Open cut excavation and concrete works for the 3.00m diameter steel penstock line (approximately 1,000m) that leads the water into the power station.
Construction of reinforced concrete power house building.
Construction of switchyard and 11 kV distribution line.
Excavation and concrete lining of outlet channel (approximately 4,000m), long with inspection road and drainage structures, that directs water back to the river.
Construction of the Intake for the hydropower project including remaining river diversion works.
Major works executed comprised mainly of:

  • Earth works – 460,000m3.
  • Cement stabilized gravel – 40,000m3.
  • Concrete works – 60,000m3.
  • Reinforcement – 2,100 tons.
  • Formwork – 98,000m2.
  • Fencing – 12,500m.