FI - Concreting of Seaward Quay Pavement

Tanzania International Container Services Terminal Expansion Project – Package 3 at the Port of Dar Es Salaam

Rehabilitation of existing container terminal, installation of new crane beam and fenders.
Works executed under this contract comprised of the following:

  • Installation of 2 No. new MV supply cables from Existing Substation 7 (SS7) to existing quay services trench and installation of MV switchgear in SS7 Berth 8.
  • Breaking out of quay pavement to allow construction of seaward and landward crane rails, cable slot, tie down and storm locking points.
  • Breaking out of quay pavement and removal of existing fendering and installation of new concrete fender mounting units and replacement of fender system.
  • Installation of new crane buffers.
  • Patch repairs of damaged quay pavement and replacement of damaged service trench covers.