Upgrading to Bitumen Standard of Kendu Bay Homa Bay Road

The Project road was approximately 38 km in length, located in Homa Bay County. It started at Kendu Bay at the shores of Lake Victoria, it also took a south easterly course upto Homa Bay town lakeshore.

The works comprised of construction of two lane single carriageway bitumen sealed road.


Major works executed;

  • Construction of Earthworks – 942,536 m3.
  • Cement improved gravel for sub-base and base -155,650 m3.
  • Dense Bitumen Macadam 100mm – 40,000 m3.
  • Provision of a double surface dressing using 14/20mm and 6/10mm pre-coated class 4 chippings for both the carriageway and shoulder – 9,790 m3.
  • Concrete Works – 4,694 m3.
  • Construction of Concrete Structures including 17 No. box culverts.