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Who we are
Working with Excellence

H Young, founded in 1951, is East Africa’s foremost engineering and construction firm. With over 71 years of experience, we have built an impeccable track record through many of our projects in the energy, petroleum, agro-processing, telecommunications, ports and marine, mining, building, cement, and infrastructure development sectors, all of which are spread across various locations in the region.

In recent years, the company has established dominance, leveraging emerging technologies and expertise to execute some of the world’s largest and most complex engineering and infrastructure projects, thereby impacting communities, providing employment, growing economies, and improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are critical components of our service delivery, and they are backed up by our cutting-edge civil works, fabrication facilities, and solid financial backing, allowing us to continually offer unrivaled capital-efficient projects to our clients.



H Young seeks to be recognized as East Africa’s Premier Engineering Construction and Infrastructure Company.



Our vision is to use cutting-edge and innovative technologies and techniques to build today for tomorrow.



We seek to concentrate on our core business as an integrated construction company.

Working With Excellent

Health, Safety and Environmental Conservation

H Young & Co (E.A.) Ltd is committed to excelling in HSE management and conducting all activities in a responsible manner, free from recognized hazards. We enforce this by:

Plant and Equipment
Investing in cutting-edge technology to ensure client satisfaction

We own and operate in excess of 1,200 units of plant & equipment (780 units are front line pieces). These include:

    • Earthworks – All heavy machinery involved in excavation, drilling, carting away, backfilling, leveling and compaction.
    • Concrete – Concrete batching, concrete handling – pumps/ dumpers, trans-mixers.
    • Asphalt – Crushing plant, asphalt processing plant.
    • Construction Aids – Transportation, cranes, Generators, Compressors, scaffolding, pumps, tanks and general maintenance equipment.

 Our storage and garage yard (approx. 850,000 sq. metres) store our main equipment, support workshop, fleet management system, concrete block making plant, concrete batching plant, as well as the parking yard (10,500 sq.) for our heavy equipment and project materials. NB: All equipment is thoroughly checked and repaired prior to release to the job site.

For our complete list of H Young owned Plant & Equipment, please click on this link to download

Accreditation certificates
  • NCA Registration and License for Water Works
  • NCA Registration and License Certificates for Road Works
  • NCA Registration and License Certificates for Electrical Engineering Services
  • NCA Registration and License Certificates for Building Works
  • NCA Registration and License Certificates for Mechanical Engineering Services
  • Membership pf British Standard Institute
  • ISO Certificate 9001-2015 Until 2023 November
  • ISO 45001-2018 (OHMS) Certificate 2020-2023
  • ISO 14001-2015 (EMS) Certificate 2020-2023
  • NCA Registration and License Certificates for Mechanical Engineering Services