H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Agro Processing

Agriculture is the main stay of the Kenyan Economy. To this end the agriculture sector looked to develop agro-processing industries that would benefit the farmers by value addition to their produce. Some of the industries that developed from this strategy include the sugar industry, tea and coffee processing, alcohol and yeast processing.

H Young has undertaken major projects in the agro-processing industry including at:

  • Projects at Mumias Sugar Ltd including installation of a sugar diffuser
  • Projects at Chemelil Sugar Company Ltd
  • SONY Sugar interim expansion projects
  • Various Kenya Tea Development Agency factories
  • Installation of Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant at Agro Chemical and Food Company Ltd.

Our scope of work include:

  • Civil works including heavy foundation for pre-milling, milling and process equipment.
  • Structural steel works for conveyors, guard rails.
  • Fabrication of pressure vessels, tanks, boiler components, process equipment including pans, clarifiers and crystallizer.
  • High pressure steam piping and piping for juice, syrup and condensate.