H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Construction of Access Road to Kwale Mineral Sands Project

Supervising Engineer HOWARD HUMPHREYS  
Completion date AUGUST 2012  
Project Value KES 482,785,725 (US$ 5.7 Million)  
The access road was 7.7km consisting of a 6.5m wide main carriage way with 1m wide shoulders. It was surfaced with a 50mm layer Asphalt Concrete on the carriageway and 25mm on the shoulders. The base and sub base was constructed with calcrete (coral limestone) and compacted to 95% MMDD Major works executed:
  • Construction of Earthworks – 235,150 m3.
  • Cement improved gravel for sub-base and base – 21,650 m3.
  • Concrete Works – 600 m3.
  • Culverts (600mm – 1200mm) – 1,152 m.
  • Asphalt Concrete Works – 2,950m3.
  • Road marking paint – 2,140 m.
Country: Kenya Operating Division: Road & Infrastructure Works Market: Roads

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