H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Construction of Relocation Units and Safety Infrastructure for Relocation Action Plan in Kibera and Mukuru Lot D

Commencement date   SEPTEMBER 2013
Completion date JUNE 2015  
Project Value KES 2,154 MILLION (US$ 25.34 MILLION)  
The construction covers the area between 537.150 and 539.900 along the Railway Line. The aim is to provide a wall barrier to separate the railway operations area from the human activities for safety purposes.
  • Protective boundary wall in reinforced concrete structure, load bearing block work walls, with reinforced concrete columns. The combined length of the boundary wall is approximately 2.0km covering both sides of the railway line within Kibera area. The height of the wall is approximately 1.8m above ground level on a reinforced concrete strip footing.
  • 2343No. Residential and 1104No. Stall Units in reinforced concrete structure, load bearing block work walls, with reinforced concrete columns and suspended slabs all roofed in Pre-painted corrugated galvanized iron sheeting. Finishes are basic cement screed to floors and plaster and paint on walls and suspended slab soffits. The residential buildings are 3 levels covering a distance of 2.75Km along the railway line. The approximate area of one floor is 9,000 metre square. The stalls are also in three levels with an area of about 2,700 metre square per floor. The structures form part of the said wall barrier.
  • Associated electrical services covering internal and external wiring and lighting and associated liaison with the Kenya Power for supply. Mechanical services include plumbing, installation of sanitation facilities, water storage facilities and water meters as designed.
  • Roadworks comprising 2.5m wide pedestrians walkways/footpaths running parallel to the wall and in front of the buildings to offer access to the residents and other users who would otherwise walk on the railway line. The pavement structure consists of paving block surfacing and approved murrum sub-base. The combined length of the footpath is approximately 5.5Km on both side of the railway line.
  • Storm water and associated drainage structures to surface the footpath and the built up area. This is largely an open concrete lined drain running along the edge of the railway reserve. Culverts and grating shall be provided appropriately at crossings points and under building. The design is such that most of the storm water drains are directed to the existing culvert where crossing the railway is required in order to minimize as much as possible to avoid additional culvert under the railway.
  • Provision of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal systems in accordance with Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company including connection of fresh water from the council system and connection of the sewer to the trunk sewer line with all associated manhole and inspection chambers.
  • Crossing structures (Overpasses and underpasses) in reinforced concrete and steel structures. Where necessary construction across the railway line will undertaken in consultation with Rift Valley Railways – the Railway Operate. The Client will coordinate this consultation to enable smooth working. Construction under the railway line is undertaken under traffic (without stopping train operation) and necessary high appreciation of the safety procedures of working in the vicinity of the railway line. The underpasses at Km 537+500 & 538+200 are 5m wide each with central support beam and column system and is approximately 50m long with access ramp from one end.