H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Construction of Sondu Miriu Hydro Power Project

Supervising Engineer NIPPON KOEI  
Completion date OCTOBER 2007  
Project Value KES 2.2 BILLION (US$ 33 Million)  
  • Construction of a 60MW (2 x 30MW) Power Station that involved a run-of-river scheme transferring the water of the Sondu River to Kano Plains through a headrace tunnel, penstock and power station to harness a water head of some 200 metres.
  • Open cut excavation and concrete works for the 3.00m diameter steel penstock line (approximately 1,000m) that leads the water into the power station
  • Construction of reinforced concrete power house building
  • Construction of switchyard and 11 kV distribution line.
  • Excavation and concrete lining of outlet channel (approximately 4,000m), long with inspection road and drainage structures, that directs water back to the river
  • Construction of the Intake for the hydropower project including remaining river diversion works
  • Earth works ————————— 460,000m3
  • Cement stabilized gravel ———- 40,000m3
  • Concrete works ———————- 60,000m3
  • Reinforcement ———————– 2,100 tons
  • Formwork —————————- 98,000m2
  • Fencing ——————————- 12,500m

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