H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Nairobi ISAT Security Upgrades

Completion date AUGUST 2017
Project Value US$ 8,484,520.14 (KES 758,643,368.30)
Physical Security Upgrade, CAA Generator Building Chancery Compound & Fuel System Installation in Chancery Compound – US Diplomatic facilities at US Embassy – Nairobi Kenya

Work performed includes:-

  1. Modification of existing wall penetrations for the Motor Pool building.
  2. Construction of a new Guard Booth structure
  3. Fabrication and installation of a new painted fence and sliding gate assembly
  4. Increase in the height of a 6 metre length of perimeter wall near the Truck Transfer Building, Existing Truck Transfer Building Renovation
  5. Construction of a new 2.75 metre high anti climb fence
  6. Increase perimeter wall height along the south perimeter wall
  7. Install new perimeter lighting around the entirety of the embassy compound
  8. Construction of new area lighting system at the rear of the chancery building and along both sides of the path between USAID and Chancery Building
  9. Construction of Anti-ram bollards at the north perimeter wall, Existing office renovation (USAID & Chancery)
  10. Guard Building renovation at the Rosslyn Ridge Housing Compound
  11. Demolishing and Installing new anti-ram Bollards
  12. Install new Perimeter lighting at the CMR Compound
  13. Construct new CAA Generator Building Shell
  14. Installation of the Underground Storage tank, all fuel piping, 3 fuel ports, valves, pumps and Fuel management system underground conduits.