H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Olkaria Iv Geothermal Power Project Contract Nos. Olk Iv-lcc-21 & Olk Iv-lcc-046

Commencement date   FEBRUARY 2013
Completion date JULY 2014  
Project Value KES 1,033 MILLION (US$ 12.15 MILLION0  
Mechanical Erection, Piping, Firefighting, Environmental, HVAC & Plumbing Works for a new 140 MW Geothermal Power Station
Scope of Work comprised of:
Mechanical and Piping Works including assembly and installation of
  • Steam Turbines and Generators with main and over speed governing system
  • Condensers,
  • NC Gas removal System
  • Eight (8) cell mechanical draft cooling tower.
  • All permanent cranes and lifting facilities including the turbine hall overhead crane, required to perform all ongoing operation and maintenance of the Works.
  • Control and lubricating oil system(s) including tank, pumps, pressure control valves, filters, oil purifier and coolers
  • Multiple hotwell pumps including seal water supply system and Hotwell level control system
  • Main steam pipework from Power Plant boundary including steam scrubber, all headers, valves, flow meters, steam wash water drains and vents. All necessary steam, water, oil and air pipework, fittings and valves, thermal and acoustic insulation and cladding
  • Circulating water system including all piping and valves
  • Auxiliary cooling water system including all piping, coolers, valves and pumps as required for all plant cooling duties associated with the turbine-generator associated systems
  • Condensate reinjection system with pumps to deliver excess water from the cooling circuit for reinjection
  • Chemical treatment preparation and dosing plant tanks, unloading facilities, transfer and dosing pumps, pipes and valves
  • Fire protection system including fire pump system, underground & aboveground piping and all fire protection equipment.