H Young & Co. (E.A.) Ltd

Rehabilitation & Upgrading of First Avenue Eastleigh & Gen Waruinge Street

Completion date DECEMBER 2014
Project Value KES 2,523,503,281.00 (US$ 30,673,954.35)
  • Rehabilitation and dualling of 5 km road in a urban densely populated area.
  • Scarification of existing surface and milling of scarified material. Site clearance and earth works. Excavation and removal of topsoil and setting out. Construction of pipe culverts, headwalls to culverts and soil protection works
  • Construction of pavement layers comprising of cement improved graded crushed stone (improved using a pugmill machine), Dense Bitumen Macadam (DBM) 125mm and Asphalt Concrete 50mm
Major works executed comprised mainly of:
  1. Earthworks – 383,000m3
  2. Cement improved GCS 175-225mm – 31,700m3
  3. Concrete Works incl. drainage, bridges, protection works – 13,600m3
  4. Culverts 450,600& 900mm Dia (precast with concrete surround) – 2,000LM
  5. DBM Base 125mm – 8,700m3
  6. Asphalt Concrete – 4,800m3
  7. Guard Rails – 8,960LM