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Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Line 1 Third Pump And Associated Facilities

Supervising Engineer KPC ENGINEERING MANAGER  
Commencement date   JANUARY 2011
Completion date JULY 2012  
Project Value KES 592.33 MILLION (US$ 6.97 MILLION)  
Installation of the third pump in PS 2, PS 3, PS 4, PS 5, PS 6, PS 7 and PS 8 with the main objective being to facilitate a 2+1 operating philosophy in all pump station and subsequently maximize line availability and utilization.
Scope of the project included:
  • Civil works including preparation of existing plinths and if required construction of new plinths for the installation of the third pump including trenching work for electrical & instrumentation, cable laying, bedding, construction of pipe supports for above ground pipes.
  • Installation and commissioning of pump-sets (pump sets, fluid coupling, motor and air blast cooler). Welding ( to API 1104 and BS EN 499) and installation all suction and discharge pipes and fittings from and including the tee offs from existing suction and discharge pipes and fittings. Tie in in the new suction and discharge pipework to existing system.
  • Supply and installation of pipework and fittings. The entire pipework was hydrostatically tested to ASME B31.3
  • Supply and installation of valves
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), i.e. 100% Radiography of all welds above and below ground joints as per ASME IX
  • Electrical works included supply, installation and commissioning of 1 No. 3.3 kV motor feeder switchyard at PS 3,5 & 7, supply, installation and commissioning of 6.6 kV auto transformers and supply and installation of 415v switchgear for LV and auxiliary pumps at each of the seven stations
  • The control system for the third pump was integrated with that of the existing pumps at each station.
Country : Kenya

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