Upgrading To Bitumen Standard And Maintenance Of Juja – Juja Farm – Kwa Murage – Komo – Githima Road. Contract No. Rwc 610

Client DIRECTOR GENERAL, KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY Commencement date   AUGUST 2021 Completion date JULY 2023 Project Value KES 1,728,381,579.00 (US$ 15,880,284.49) (€ 13,504,996.28) The road is located in Kiambu County traversing Juja and Thika Town Constituencies. It is about 25km in length. It commences at Salama (Ma Store) and then proceeds to Juja Farm. […]

Reconstruction Of Mamboleo-miwani-chemelil –muhoroni-kipsitet Road To Bitumen Standard. Lot 3: Chemelil – Muhoroni -kipsitet

Client DIRECTOR GENERAL, KENYA RURAL ROADS AUTHORITY Commencement date   OCTOBER 2021 Completion date JANUARY 2024 Project Value KES 5,720,767,704.00 (US$ 53,082,823.18) (€ 43,804,807.65) The works are located along the existing Kisumu – Chemelil – Muhoroni (C674) Road, starting at the intersection 1km towards Chemelil Roundabout from Miwani and passing through Muhoroni and terminates at […]

Upgrading Of Roads In Meru County Headquarters

Client KENYA URBAN ROADS AUTHORITY Commencement date   JULY 2020 Completion date JULY 2022 Project Value KES 1,043,328,635.00 (US$ 9,679,378.88) (€ 8,341,017.24) The works comprise upgrading of roads in Meru county headquarters along Imenti Forest Edge linking to Meru Bypass Road and within Meru Town approximate length of 13 km and works include 50mm Asphalt […]

The Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Steel Bridge Girders On Nzoia Bridge Along Ugunja – Ukwala – Ruambwa (Cl92) Road

Client DIRECTOR GENERAL KENYA NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY Commencement date   SEPTEMBER 2020 Completion date DECEMBER 2022 Project Value KES 179,402,133.00 (US$ 1,655,001.22) (€ 1,397,164.99) Supply, Erection, Corrosion Protection and Testing of Structural Steelwork for the Construction of 1No. Bridge of 70m length across Nzoia River consisting of Plate Girder Type 1: Fabricate, deliver to site […]

New Embassy For The State Of Israel In Nairobi, Kenya

Client STATE OF ISRAEL, BY ITS EMBASSY IN NAIROBI Commencement date   OCTOBER 2018 Completion date JULY 2022 Project Value US$ 7,127,101.05 (KES 719,654,752.30) EPC of a new embassy. The civil, structural, mechanical, HVAC, and electrical design of the New Embassy. The construction works comprise demolition works, earthworks, structural works, and finishes. Construction of retaining […]

Contract For Design And Construction Of Nyerere Road (A14) – Mbaraki Road (C1142) To Bitumen Standard

Client TRADEMARK EAST AFRICA (COUNTY GOV. OF MOMBASA) Commencement date   SEPTEMBER 2020 Completion date 9 MAY 2022 Project Value US$ 3,284,750.10 Design and Construction, under FIDIC Silver book for EPC/ turnkey projects, of a 1.2 km section linking Nyerere road (A14) and Mbaraki Road (C1142) located within Mombasa County. Works including 300mm improved subbase, […]

Lot 1 – Olkaria 1 Additional Unit 6 Geothermal Steamfield Development

Client MANAGING DIRECTOR KENYA ELECTRICITY GENERATING COMPANY LTD Commencement date   NOVEMBER 2018 Completion date NOVEMBER 2021 Project Value US$ 35,663,484.35 & KES 213,414,000.00 (US$ 37,742,248.16) Installation of additional geothermal turbine generating unit with a Normal Continuous Rating (NCR) of 35MWe (net) at the Olkaria II Power Station including the augmentation of existing switchyard and […]

Nairobi ISAT Security Upgrades

CLIENT KELLOGG BROWN & ROOTS SERVICES, INC. COMMENCEMENT DATE   NOVEMBER 2014 Completion date AUGUST 2017 Project Value US$ 8,484,520.14 (KES 758,643,368.30) Physical Security Upgrade, CAA Generator Building Chancery Compound & Fuel System Installation in Chancery Compound – US Diplomatic facilities at US Embassy – Nairobi Kenya Work performed includes:- Modification of existing wall penetrations […]

Rehabilitation Eldoret Malaba Lot I

Client MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT & INFRASTRUCTURE/ KENYA NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY   Completion date APRIL  2016   Project Value KES 6,123,444,472.12 (US$ 75,913,072.29)   Major works executed comprised mainly of Rehabilitation and reconstruction works of a 63 km bitumen standard road. Rehabilitation of existing road including Improvement of the vertical and horizontal alignment of the existing […]